Thursday, March 27, 2008

Day Off

I have the day off, and to celebrate I will be offering a trio of freebie images of mine at the bottom. Me, who never hardly takes time off from work just found out I have been giving my vacation time back to my agency for the past 3 months. I had got to a certain level of hours and do not collect anymore! So I made out a whole stack of leave requests all the way thru Sept & gave them to my boss...the look on his face was priceless!!! A day here & a day there, at least 3 days a month, with more in June & Sept! I love my job, but I also love days off!!!! I asked myself if I wanted to work for nothing....don't think

Here are the freebies I following..

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Springtime in Alaska

Ever eaten a goose egg?? This is the size difference between a quail (on left) and a goose egg! We have geese and they are starting their breeding season. We love it when they start to lay eggs, as we don't have to buy chicken eggs!

One goose egg is equivilent to 3 chicken eggs! Makes 1 nice omelet! lol Each eagg is approx 294 calories & 32 grams protein. The fat or cholestral content has not been figured yet. This is what a "basket" of eggs should really look like!! 1 deviled egg is meal!!! Quite tasty!

Today is Easter and in about 1 hour I am headed to work. My family who lives 60 miles from here are hunting easter eggs (chicken) & my hubby took his dog and are hunting spruce grouse. Me?? I am hunting quietness for this

Here is my first of many freebies. Two textures.
Hope you like. Please leave me some nicies!!
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Thursday, March 20, 2008

A little bit about me.
Sometimes I have a very complex life.
I am an AMI artist,
I have published a photography book about Alaska which you find in my DA gallery,
I have an online store

I belong to 2 MSN groups

Can you tell I like to be busy?? I should show down, but life is way too short! Along with all that, I have a full-time job, hubby, 3 goats, 4 geese, 2 dogs & 2 cockatiels!!
I will be posting freebie images from time to time. So please check back often!!
Welcome to my world!
Blogging is new to new, so please bear with me!
I will be posting my images & news about me & where I live!
Off to work, so will work on this later!
Have a great day!!