Saturday, February 11, 2012


Snow...snow...snow....enough already! Winter arrived with a bang & hasn't stopped! Reminds me of what winters used to be when I was younger!

No wonder my mom freaked! lol

Be sure to check out my faves on the the right. Many great forums to visit!

Newest one is 4 Tart Lovers. This forum was put together when MyTagArt closed down.

The staff at this new forum have put a lot of effort into making this awesome forum for us "Tart Lovers". Lot's of challenges, games, contests & great company!

So how about a freebie "goose/snow" image, see above...^

just right click & save it to your computor.

Please use proper credits when using it.


Thanks & until next time.....peace!

Friday, November 18, 2011

New Forum

Ah yes..winter is fast approaching at great speed!
Great time to cuddle by the fireplace!
The sun will soon go behind the mountain
& we will not see it in our yard for 6 weeks!

I am in the process of putting together greeting card packages.
These will soon be here on my blog for sale!

Be sure to check out my faves on the the right. Many great forums to visit!
Newest one is 4 Tart Lovers. This forum was put together when MyTagArt closed down. The staff at this new forum have put a lot of effort into making this awesome forum for us "Tart Lovers".
Lot's of challenges, contest & great company!

Here is a freebie to remind me of summer.
Until next time....peace

Monday, October 17, 2011

I am Promoting Myself

Yesterday I decided to create a facebook page of my photography. I have badge to the right that will take you to my Clutz Creations Photography page. I will be adding regularly!
I have add many more photos into my deviantART gallery that can be made into prints. I am also considering commission work. Where someone would send me a picture of themselves, pets etc & I would blend it into one of my images. A couple of years ago, I did this making personalized digital Christmas cards. I have also made digital scrapbooks. These are just thoughts I am coming up with to keep myself busy! Comment or suggestions would be helpful. Getting adding this texture.
So until next time...peace

Friday, October 14, 2011

My Tag Art Closes

Sad news this month as My Tag Art announced they were shutting down at the end of October! The administration & customer service were very people friendly! And the forum was like family! This company will surely be missed & I wish all the best for them in their next venture!

Monday, August 31, 2009

New License Company Opening

New License Company: MyTagArt
Just thought I'd share my good news with you all.
A new license company has been born. It's called MyTagArt.
You can find it
I have signed my Photography with this Company. I already have several packages & singles with the company. I'll be adding more brand new images by this weekend. My laptop with psp crashed & have ordered another one. A pink one..:)
This is an awesome Company and there will soon be a
lot of familiar faces over there ;)
You will absolutely love their Customer Service Team too!
MyTagArt's Grand Opening is Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2009.
On this day the Forum will be having a lot of giveaways so be sure you're registered.
To contact them at
The forum
peace & hugs til next time

Here's a texture called "Peace" you can grab!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Obie & Sweet Pea

I'm very sorry I have not been around much these past several months. As reported in an earlier post, I was taking care of my mother. I am sad to report my mom did not survive her quest with brain cancer. She was actually doing great after surgery, but with her age the radiation and chemo took her body down. It was really hard on her and my family to watch such an active and healthy person deteriate so fast.

Now on to a more cheerful incident. Yes this really happened! And this is one reason we found our goats another home. A friend was visiting us and our "brats" Sweet Pea & Obie decided to fight over her car! I could not believe my eyes. And poor Rosie, but at least she thought it was funny too!

guess I should have taken Obie more seriously (when he was still a baby), the day I found him "stuck" on a toy car! lol Little did I know he would tackle the "big" toys.

Anyhow, after many summers with no flowers, all the goose food they had eaten (instead of the geese), we decided to find them another home. I will miss them dearly, especially Obie, whom I watched being born. They went to a great home, with much more land than we had and will be well taken care of. I of course, can go visit them and bring them treats when ever I want too. As you can see, Obie was my baby! He was very much a lap goat! lol

I am also happy to report a brand new licensing company is the process of opening and they contacted me to sign my photography with them. I see great opportunities with this company and very happy for them!! I wish them ALL the luck in the world!
The company is My Tag Art Stop in real soon and tell Lacy and Jenny hi!
Until next time....peace & huggrs

Freebie texture again, my mom was a quilter &
this is a quilt, I ttok a pic of and I textured it.

Saturday, February 28, 2009


Well, well, it has been awhile! My mom is doing better, she has her good days and her bad days! She started chemo last week and in her 2nd week of radiation. Last night 3 people broke into her house, pepper sprayed my daughter & took all of my mom's meds! I hope one of those jerks takes one of my mom's chemo pills and gets sicker than a dog! LOL

Anyway on to another snowed like crazy last night! Almost looks I see truck loads of snow machines headin' north!
With the way this weather has been, it doesn't surprize me it snowed so much on the last day of February!

It's getting harder and harder to predict the weather! The geese are taking it in stride & walking very lightly! Somehow they have learned how to walk on top of the snow! Being 15-20# poultry... that takes expertise!!

Here is a texture freebie..hope you can use it!
Kinda on the wintery side!
I am getting packages ready to put on my blog for sale soon!
Until next time...peace & hugs!