Monday, September 15, 2008


Well it appears fall is crashing in fast as summer leaves us just as fast. I gotta say, this has been the wierdest summer I have seen in many years! Although it was very nice to see everything green the whole summer, because of all the rain. Thought we were in a rain forrest belt! lol Because of the lack of sun, I did notice the garden did not grow as it usually does.

The size of veggies were not humungous! To give you an example, we had tons of wild strawberries, tiny but very sweet!
As you can see the size difference between the wild ones and one grown commercially. With fall arriving so fast, the leaves are turning colors very fast! I am off this week from work, and my intentions are to get out and take some of those colorful pictures. Because as fast as the leaves are leaving, next week will be too late!

Tomorrow I am heading into Wasilla (the town Governor Sarah Palin is from) and get a couple of geese. We finally found a new mate for Chewy who lost his mate at the beginning of summer to neighbor dogs. All summer, Chewy has been so lost. As you can see he used to interact with us quite well. I am hoping his new "friend" will bring Chewy back to us. Only time will tell. By spring he will hopefully be back to normal!

That's all for now.
Here is a set of freebie art for you to play with!
Have a great peaceful week!!
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