Monday, April 14, 2008


Our water level dropped in November, so we've been conserving with the water. We found unmentionables in the well, so we have been hauling our drinking water. This summer, we are ahving a new well drilled. Comes to find out, our well is only 78 inches deep! Anyway I was on my way to the laundermat & as I was leaving my driveway I saw a couple of eagles in a tree. I stopped the truck, leaft it running and went into the house to get my camera. I never see eagles in our trees, only flying. I decided to make a tag using this image (which will be in my next package).

They kept watching me as I was moving around getting different angles. Finally they decided I was getting to close and flew away! I noticed the geese were keeping their eye on they too!!!
This week is going to be very busy & hectic for me. My schedule is going to be like a yo-yo, evenings then days, back and forth for 4 days. Conferences for work.

Here are more freebie images for you! Have a great week!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


We live on a rural "farm" in Alaska. We own geese, goats, dogs and 2 cockatiels. All of our critters have names and we spoil them!!
Dave's goat, Leon is a 200# animal, and the past couple of months, he has been getting agressive with me. He doesn't want to share me with the other 2 goats (Sweet Pea & her son Obie), of which I claim as mine! lol

Anyway, back to my story. Dave has worked with Leon to be a pack goat. The only problem he has with him is Leon WILL NOT cross any body of water, whether it be a steam or just a small mud puddle!! The two of them have gone reound & round with this subject!!! Leon started to get agressive with me to the point, at times he wouldn't let me out the front door!! Then a couple of weeks ago he thought he would try a new trick & tried to head butt me!!!! He would rear up on his hind quarters and come at me. Anyway Dave thought it was time Leon move to a new residence. It was a hard decision on both of our parts, considering we've had him since he was 3 months old, 4 1/2 years ago. We did find him a new home where he will be "king" of the roost!!

Today I have more textures for you. Hope you enjoy!!