Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year

I am sorry for being MIA lately. I just realized December has come & gone & it is already January & a new year! My mother had a brain tumor & surgery to remove most of it the 11th of last month. And I have been staying with her at the hospital (6 out of 7 days a week). Since I live 70 miles from Anchorage, I just stay at the hospital. She came out of surgery with stroke like symtoms with no movements on her right side & no speech. She is in rehabilitation at the hospital & making progress everyday. She is expected to stay for a couple more weeks.
My daughter & sister came in to stay the past 2 nights with her so I could come home to see my hubby, dog, do some laundry & sleep in my own bed!
My sis took the above picture with her, brother, mom & myself & made a New year tag. Thanks sis!
The weather here has been aweful, we have been in a deep freeze (-25) for the past 2 weeks & weather says it will at least another week.

This freebie is for my mom. She loves going to Las Vegas & this texture is a picture I took at the Freemont Experience. Hope you enjoy it, had a great start of the new year & until next time...peace & hugs...