Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Where did Summer go??

Summer came & with the blink of an eye has already gone! We just last week mowed our lawn for the first time this summer! Our goats are hiding out in the barn, for fear they might get wet! lol Our geese are awaiting the hatching of their new goslings in about 2 weeks...It will be a late birth, as goslings are usually already born. The dogs play with bugs in the dandies! The Fireweed has not bloomed yet & we have TONS of Fox Tails!! This summer has truely been the wierdest summer I have EVER seen in Alaska. Though with so much rain, everything is really green!!

I sent in 3 packages to AMI & awaiting their arrival at the site! The packs have some fresh new fun stuff, flowers & abstract images! I was just playing and came up with unusal pics (at least for me)!

Our granddaughters leave tomorrow, back to Fairbanks, after almost 3 weeks! We went camping, summerfest & just enjoyed them! It will for sure be VERY quiet when they leave!! lol Not only to us but also to our 2 dogs!! Chylo (pictured) thinks her job is to protect them especially at night! I keep telling their parents, we'll keep them til the end of August, when they leave for Idaho!

If you're looking for a cool tutorial site..go check out MissieDoodles. Her link in on the right! She has awesome tuts & in a few of them, she uses my images!! Thank you Missie & EverSkye!!

Here is some brand new freebies I have put together!
Enjoy & Peace!