Friday, August 15, 2008

Doggie Entertainment

Ah yes, the activities we do to entertain ourselves in the summer.
This past weekend, I attended a "Lure Cursing" event! I have watched this before & it always amazes me the concept & the reasoning behind this event! It is really quite exciting to watch dogs run around a field chasing paper bags! The dogs come in all sizes. These above are my sister's Skip's. She has many of them & they all look the same. Thank goodness she has dog tags so I can tell them apart! lol
After they all run, there are run-offs. This run-off on the left was 3rd run and run off between a Ibetzen hound and a Skip for field win, the 3rd dog was to have been a boxer, but the owner felt the dog was too tired. Now I tell ya, when I saw these 2, it was interesting to watch the size difference!
On your mark, get set..........Tally-Ho!!!

At the end of the events, ribbons and "trophys" (stuffed animals) were handed out. Here's my sis (Kathy) & 2 of her skip's Missey & Yukon!

All in all, everyone (dogs, owners & spectators) appeared to have a great time, I know I enjoyed myself! Next month Kathy is going to an event where her dogs will be pulling carts!
Texture for ya..hope you can use it!
Enjoy & Peace!