Monday, November 24, 2008

Thankful For?

November is really flying by, I can't believe Thanksgiving is almost here. This is a time to reflect - time, living, longing, family, friends and your own thoughts. What am I thankful for? The most important thing is my life and thankful for being alive! I am thankful for my family and friends supporting and encouraging me 2 years ago, when I could've lost my life. My belief was almost shattered but someone above answered my prayers. I'm really not a religious person, but I do believe. I believe in the power of prayer and all things in this universe are possible. I am thankful for having a loving & healthy family!
So as Thanksgiving approaches, what are you truely thankful for?

Here is a freebie texture that has fall colors mixed with summer's past called McCarthy & Kinnecott. Enjoy & until next time...peace!

Saturday, November 8, 2008


I was sitting here trying to work up something when the 2 dogs RAN out to the back yard and started barking. This is the usual time they & the neighbor dogs have a howling contest, so I didn't think anything of it. Then Gunner came running back into the house and practically jumped in my lap like he was scared & Chylo was still barking outside. So I went into the bedroom (Dave was sleeping) to look out the back window & saw nothing. I then went to the side window and saw the direction Chylo was barking. I looked over there and saw the biggest fox I have ever seen, and he was watching the geese. I said Oh Sh** and Dave woke up. I said there's a fox and he got up. I came back into the kitchen and kept an eye on him until Dave got up. The fox several times headed to the barn but ran back because of the dogs. Dave was in the kitchen by this time with his 22 and asked me to slide the window open. One shot & fox was gone. Dave went outside to find him.
And I went out to count geese, which by this time, had moved between our trucks. The goats were on the porch watching Dave! We tracked him to across the highway & Dave said he would find him in the morning. I checked on the geese a little bit ago & now they were on the porch!!..
So tonight I was very thankful for our dogs as they saved the day!
Have a great day....k

I'm leaving with this freebie texture titled "Hope"

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Thank You

Quick blog today..I want to thank group Mommy Me & PSP for having me as their AOTM (artist of the month)! I met a lot of awesome peeps! With my final contest I had requested a "mailbox tag" with matching "mail checked tag". I was really impressed they each also made a background, so it was now a complete "mailbox webset".! Winners were Charlie, Jenny & Kim. Thank you ladies!! Now I need to choose which I am going to put where!! lol
Now onto a more serious I know a lot of groups, including the 3 I am in have been scurring around to find new homes. Thank goodness, they are giving us some time. But a lot of groups are going to wait to see Windowa Live. I saw a sneak peek & was not impressed!! Anyway...good luck to all that are looking!
Until next time...peace...k