Saturday, February 28, 2009


Well, well, it has been awhile! My mom is doing better, she has her good days and her bad days! She started chemo last week and in her 2nd week of radiation. Last night 3 people broke into her house, pepper sprayed my daughter & took all of my mom's meds! I hope one of those jerks takes one of my mom's chemo pills and gets sicker than a dog! LOL

Anyway on to another snowed like crazy last night! Almost looks I see truck loads of snow machines headin' north!
With the way this weather has been, it doesn't surprize me it snowed so much on the last day of February!

It's getting harder and harder to predict the weather! The geese are taking it in stride & walking very lightly! Somehow they have learned how to walk on top of the snow! Being 15-20# poultry... that takes expertise!!

Here is a texture freebie..hope you can use it!
Kinda on the wintery side!
I am getting packages ready to put on my blog for sale soon!
Until next time...peace & hugs!